Toasty Hosty: Plans & Pricing

Our servers

toastyhosty's hosting environment is your choice of either Unix (FreeBSD 4/5/6) or Windows 2000/2003. We offer a vast range of features depending on which plan you select. All of our customers have access to manage the details of their accounts using an H-Sphere Control Panel (demo site available here).

Help! I don't know what I need!

There are two main factors which will determine which plan you need: the features you need to implement your website(s) and the number of visitors you expect them to get. For a simple 'brochure' site, our Dinner Roll plan should be fine: it lets you host static files (that is, files which don't change depending on what the user does) in order to give you a very quick, easy way to make your presence felt on the web.

If you have more complicated needs — you want to run an e-commerce site, forum software, Content Management System (CMS), or any other type of 'interactive' site — then you'll want to step up to one of our other plans. These plans support technology like PHP, ASP, or ASP.NET which lets you develop more complicated, database-driven sites. These plans also come with a lot more disk space and traffic allowance to cope with both the bigger site you'll likely develop and the hordes of visitors you're hoping for!

Some examples

Here are some common customer types, along with our suggestions for the best plans for their needs.

If you're not still sure of what you require, please feel free to contact us for some advice.

Feature comparison

Below is a comparison of our available plans. For more information on what software is available on our servers, see our Support page for a full list. And remember, we also offer a range of additional services to get your site springing out of the toaster and onto your plate.

PlanDinner RollBagelCroissantFocacciaNotes
Sign up nowSign up: Windows, UnixSign up: Windows, UnixSign up: Windows, UnixSign up: Windows, Unix 
Web hostingHTMLHTML; PHP; ASP (Windows); ASP.NET (Windows); Perl (Unix); CGIView software versions and additional components
Disk space100MB500MB1000MB4000MBIncludes web content, databases, and emails stored on server; additional space AU$0.09/MB per month
Monthly network traffic5GB10GB25GB60GBIncludes outgoing web and email traffic; additional transfer AU$4.00/GB per month
POP3 / IMAP email boxes204080UnlimitedAcross all domains; additional mail boxes AU$0.10 each per month; WebMail access available with @Mail
Domains ( cost only; domain registration costs apply; additional domains AU$1.00 per month
Subdomains ( 
FTP subaccountsN/AN/AN/AAvailable (Unix only) 
Anonymous FTPN/AN/AAvailableAvailable 
Raw HTTP access logsAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableHTTP access log analysis available with Webalizer
SQL Server databasesN/AUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedData storage counts towards disk quota; Windows only
MySQL databasesN/AUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedData storage counts towards disk quota
ODBC data sourcesN/AUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedWindows only
DB usersN/A25UnlimitedPer DB type; additional users AU$1.00 each per month
ColdFusionN/AN/AAvailableAvailableContact us for details
Dedicated Static IP addresses0011Additional static IP addresses AU$1.50 each per month
SSL-secured sitesN/AN/AN/AUnlimitedDoes not include SSL certificate (but we can help)
Custom DNSN/AN/AAvailableAvailable 
Shell / SSH LoginN/AAvailableAvailableAvailableOn request; Unix only; subject to approval
FrontPage ExtensionsN/AAvailableAvailableAvailableWindows only
Setup Cost (inc GST)AU$5.00AU$5.00AU$5.00AU$5.00 
Monthly Cost (inc GST)AU$5.00AU$10.00AU$15.00AU$20.00 
Sign up nowSign up: Windows, UnixSign up: Windows, UnixSign up: Windows, UnixSign up: Windows, Unix